How Do You Clean a Garage in a Day? Where Do I Start?

How Do You Clean a Garage in a Day

How Do You Clean a Garage in a Day?

By 0 Comment January 12, 2021

Most homeowners don’t know there’s such a thing as an empty garage. Commonly, garages store plenty of items owners don’t even remember they exist. So, whether you’re doing useful things before renting your house or you’re just sick of the mess, garage cleaning is necessary at some point. However, as the task isn’t quite simple, it’s possible you need some help on how to clean out garage. So, how do you clean a garage in a day? Continue reading to start your garage clean up! Learn how to clean a garage efficiently and be able to get the best out of it once it’s organized.

How Do You Clean a Garage in a Day?
How Do You Clean a Garage in a Day?

How Do You Clean a Garage in a Day?

1) Classify Your Items

Start by making three piles: keep, toss, and donate/recycle. While the smaller items classified as “toss” can go to the trash, the stuff in the “keep” pile can be moved back in once you’re done. If you’re not able to transport the larger “toss” and “recycle” items on your own, a junk removal service can take your items for a fee.

2) Cleaning Out the Garage

Now that your garage is empty, make sure to give it a thorough cleaning. Sweep and hose the floor before moving all your items back in. Keep in mind that cluttered and dirty garages are appealing to pests and rats that chew through the walls.

3) Organize Your Stuff

How do you clean a garage in a day and make sure your effort pays off? Decluttering a workshop, a garage, or any other room in your home takes time and effort, so make sure it’s worth it. You’ll have to organize what you decided to keep so your garage remains clean for a long time. Along with organizing what you decide to get rid of into the above mentioned piles. Otherwise, you’ll need to declutter it again soon.

Cleaning Out the Garage
Cleaning Out the Garage

Any Other Ideas?

Invest in cabinets, containers, shelves, or drawers to keep your items at hand and safe. Before bringing the items back into the garage, decide where and how you’ll store certain groups of items for the best efficiency. Moreover, be sure to make your garage door more secure to protect all of your belongings. Better safe than sorry!

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