How Does WiFi Garage Door Opener Work? How Do I Set It Up?

How Does WIFI Garage Door Opener Work?

How Does WIFI Garage Door Opener Work?

By 0 Comment November 5, 2020

In the past, garage doors were fairly simple and only had the tasks of lifting and lowering the garage door on command with a press of a button. With today’s technology, you can do much more. For example, you can open garage door with phone Bluetooth. The latest garage door openers use Bluetooth capabilities and MYQ technology or Wi-Fi to enhance the security and safety of your home. It can also help to open your garage door remotely especially if your home is affected by electrical fires in walls. In this article, we’ll dive into whether or not the chamberlain garage door WIFI technology is suited for your home and the features that are included.

How Does WiFi Garage Door Opener Work?
How Does WIFI Garage Door Opener Work?

The Purpose of an MYQ Garage Door Opener

So the important question is, how does WIFI garage door opener work? MYQ technology enables you to control your garage door from anywhere at any time. You can control and monitor your garage door and the lights inside using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you have to do is download a free smartphone app to your android or iOs device. This enables you to open or close the garage door remotely or check if you accidentally left it open. You can even program the garage door lights to turn on when you come home.

MYQ technology can work with any garage doors that have been produced after 1993. Many new models already have a pre-built MYQ technology in it’s system. Furthermore, it can better connect to some of the most popular home security systems such as XFINITY, SmartThings, Nest, and Wink. With an adaptor, you can even utilize Siri and the Apple Homekit.

WIFI Vs. Bluetooth Garage Door Opener

But if you’re still wondering about the inner workings of how does WIFI garage door opener work, then you’ll need to know the differences between the WIFI and Bluetooth garage doors. Internet connectivity is the basis of how it functions. So which is superior, Bluetooth, or WIFI?

Both technologies enable you to connect your phone with the garage door. We believe that Wi-Fi is the best option. Wi-Fi allows you to connect to your home’s internet from anywhere and monitor your garage door. Bluetooth has the limitation of only working while your phone or device is within 20 feet of range.

How Does WiFi Garage Door Opener Work?
How Does WIFI Garage Door Opener Work?

How Does MYQ Technology Work

You’ll need to understand the functions of the MYQ technology to better understand how does WIFI garage door opener work. Although it may sound complicated, you can easily and remotely control your garage door. This helps you to increase the security of your garage door by making it easier to open and close.

● With the MYQ technology and chamberlain garage door WIFI, the garage door will be connected to your home.

● The signal is sent to a hub when you initiate a command using your mobile device

● This signal will trigger a sensory inside of the garage door opener which activated the garage to control the lights, as well as open or close the door.

Next you will need to know how to set up WIFI in your garage door opener once you know how it works. It can also help to research how the garage door operates if you are planning to rent a house.

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