Is Epoxy Flooring Good for Homes? Find Out Why Here

Is Epoxy Flooring Good for Homes

Is Epoxy Flooring Good for Homes?

By 0 Comment December 21, 2020

The epoxy floor finish is an appealing and creative way to coat your floors and make them safe and durable. More and more homes are now applying epoxy coats over their floors, which leads us to the question, “is epoxy flooring good for homes?” Well, to answer that question, we’ve gathered in this article some of the several benefits of epoxy flooring in houses, so you can decide if interior epoxy flooring would be a good match for your home.

Epoxy Flooring Pros


Fortunately, epoxy is available in a wide variety of color combinations. You can either use a solid beige or gray to further intensify the uniform look or an amazing combination of colors to customize your space. You can get a stunning and original design to update your bathroom before selling your home!

Exceptionally Durable

What is epoxy flooring like in terms of durability? Besides protecting your floors from all kinds of impact, your epoxy flooring will last for a really long time. Is epoxy flooring good for homes with high foot traffic? Well, even if you store heavy equipment on it, drive, or park on this floor, no damage will be caused to it, so high foot traffic won’t be an issue. Damaging this highly resistant material isn’t a piece of cake.

Is Epoxy Flooring Good for Homes
Is Epoxy Flooring Good for Homes

Glossy Appearance

Commonly, the sophisticated look of residential epoxy floors will catch your eye as soon as you enter the room. As they’re virtually seamless, its uniform and smooth look, along with its glossy finish makes it a delightful and clean option for interiors. Therefore, it’s very common to find this flooring type in kitchens, bathrooms, and any other area of the house. Consider this as one of the best renovations to do before selling!

Low Maintenance

Is epoxy flooring good for homes in terms of cleaning? Absolutely! Epoxy floors are well known for their low maintenance and how easy it is to keep them clean. Mopping, sweeping up debris, and getting rid of spills can be done effortlessly and quickly. As oil and automotive fluids can be cleaned up quickly and completely, epoxy flooring is very popular in garages and auto shops.

Remarkably Safe

When it comes to safety, is epoxy flooring good for homes? Well, considering that it’s water, slip, and shock-resistant and that it can withstand the heat of up to 200 degrees, this flooring turns out to be a great option for your home. Moreover, if an electrical fire started in a wall, its fire resistance would be higher than other flooring.

Residential Epoxy Floors
Residential Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Flooring Cons

Although the results will provide you with several benefits, achieving success while applying epoxy flooring isn’t an easy task. Even when DIY kits are available at hardware stores, epoxy flooring installation requires lots of prep work. To begin with, the ground must be totally free of grease, oil, solvents, and other debris before applying the epoxy coating. Once the epoxy coating is applied, you will need to wait before walking on the epoxy flooring. This is because it will need to dry fully. The whole project requires effort and time, as well as specialized cleaning and grinding equipment to prepare the concrete in advance. Therefore, it’s recommended to hire an experienced epoxy floor company to install it.

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