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We are problem solvers. We always find ways to make things work. We are visionaries. We are creators of value. We are a team who relies on each other.

- John Smith
ABC Arizona Partner

ABC Arizona™ has a vision to be an example for others of what honesty, integrity, and ethics personify. We choose to empower people to help them accomplish their dreams while staying true to our core beliefs. ABC Arizona makes decisions in our business that reflect careful thought, extensive research, and a dedication to raising those around us to a higher standard and a higher level of business.

ABC Arizona™ Core Values:

  • Excellence in reputation.
  • Commitment to the Own Arizona investors' team.
  • Balance in all areas of life.
  • Belief that character determines destiny.
  • Understanding and managing our risks.

ABC Arizona™ consists of highly skilled and experienced real estate professionals with combined real business world experience of over 100 years in all facets of the industry. Our team consists of people who are engineers, land developers, general contractors, commercial developers, custom homebuilders, venture capitalist, real estate sales and marketing specialists. Headquartered in Tucson, this Own Arizona team has extensive business history in more than 15 states with completion of projects in over 40 major cities from within Virginia to California.

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Gregg Carlson Engineering, LLC has had the genuine pleasure of working with these partners since 2000. They do what they say they are going to do and have approached each project with integrity and professionalism.

- John Smith
Civil Engineer

The ABC Arizona™ mission is to identify, engage on the most valuable real estate investment opportunities in Southern Arizona. Our commitment to our clients is to effectively and consistently execute on a variety of investment opportunities in any market condition.

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