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We take complex projects, and make them simple. Our talent is in simplifying the complex.

- John Smith
ABC Arizona Partner

(1) Ridgeline Estates™
Ridgeline Estates is an example of our vision, creativity, recognizing and creating value for our Abc Arizona family of investors. Ridgeline Estates was a mixture of 10-40 acres parcels with:

  • no water
  • no access
  • no utilities

Ridgeline Estates is located in the luxurious foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains. This is an exceptional opportunity since buildable foothills land in pima county is extremely scarce and unreasonably expensive.

Our Abc Arizona's team vision from the beginning of conception was to assemble these lots -- get access through state land, get water, get access to utilities and provide access not only to land bordering state land but throughout project -- and we've completed this part of the process.

As of today, Abc Arizona is very close to having fully entitled developable 670 acre (270 hectares) foothills tracts for gated premiere custom home subdivision surrounded by state and national forest land.

We've made an incredible amount of progress, and are currently interviewing for investors to assist Abc Arizona in the completion of this unique opportunity. For more information please fill out our contact from and make sure to mention Ridgeline Estates in the "Note" section. CLICK HERE

(2) Abc Arizona Group Fund™
Our Abc Arizona Group Fund™ is a private investment fund created to raise $100 million for investment in large-scaled residential and commercial real estate projects. The opportunities are here now

The principals of Abc Arizona have long had an active practice in the structuring and development of joint venture investments in large-scale real estate projects. Our Abc Arizona Group has extensive experience with conventional joint venture structures, such as limited partnerships and limited liability companies, as well as more complex arrangements, such as participating development and management agreements.

In addition, we've consulted for institutions, investment companies, pension funds and advisors, and real estate investment trusts in the structuring and creation of real estate investment funds and other co-investment vehicles for activities both in the United States and abroad.

We provide advice to funds and other investment vehicles with a variety of different objectives and techniques, including funds investing in broad categories of eligible real estate assets (e.g., office, commercial, industrial, multi-family and single-family residential); single-category funds (e.g., shopping centers, mobile home parks, apartment buildings, industrial parks); funds focusing on particular types of investments (e.g., direct ownership, participating and convertible mortgages, joint ventures); funds having particular target market and size requirements for acquisitions; and funds having particular investment practices (e.g., the use of leverage, the acquisition of development-stage property, investment on an "opportunistic" basis).

For more information please fill out our contact form and make sure to mention our Abc Arizona Group Fund™ in the "Note" section. CLICK HERE