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We put together great opportunities with select investors.

- John Smith
ABC Arizona Partner

Abc Arizona™ has a proven record for:

(1) Discovering the best real estate investment opportunities in Arizona.

For example, the principals of Abc Arizona™ were recently commissioned to design, entitle and plat a new kind of real estate community that influences new patterns of growth in Southern Arizona. Through the use of investment savvy, the Elephant Head project, luxuriously positioned in the Foothills of the Sonoran Desert. Elephant Head is destined to become some of Arizona's most pristine livable acreage.

(2) Processing each deal so as to maximize return while reducing risk.

ABC Arizona™ has built a reputation on delivering superior management of the development process from pre-acquisition, to completion, and finally resulting in a knowledgable sale. Corona de Tucson is an example of our vision, creativity, recognizing and creating value for our Abc Arizona™ international family of investors. Corona de Tucson was a mixture of 6 platted single-family subdivisions resulting in 1,805 livable lots. This was an exceptional acheivement since buildable foothills land in pima county is extremely scarce and unreasonably expensive.

(3) Working successfully with global investors.

ABC Arizona™ has the key to unlocking hidden value in property and people. We are working with individuals from Europe, Asia and the Americas to meet the productivity and economic challenges posed by increasing international investments. Abc Arizona™ professional staff was responsible for the evaluation and management of the real estate Woodland Care Facility development. Woodland Care Facility is a excellent example of our team taking advantage of the investment opportunities found and created here in Arizona.

(4) Simplifying complex projects.

ABC Arizona™ is especially excited about our simplified programs for many international investors taking advantage of the changing financial environment to buy the United States counterparts' investment opportunities at a record pace. ABC Arizona™ is looking at the world's largest market sale -- for example is our 200 unit community known as Club Carmel. We continue to see adjustments in the national currency value combined with the record growth of Arizona, making the Club Carmel development a perfect fit for the international investor.

(5) Expertise in all aspects of real estate.

The Own Arizona™ success story speaks for itself:

  • Thousands of acres entitled and developed.
  • Thousands of residential lots improved.
  • Thousands of new custom and semi-custom homes built.
  • New apartment construction and management with condo conversions.
  • Commercial development and office buildup including tenant improvement and property management.
  • Industrial complex development and construction.
  • Consulting, brokerage and development services.
  • Foreclosure, bankruptcy and rehabilitation services.
  • Note purchasing and portfolio workouts.

I have invested and worked with this team for over five years and have witnessed passion, competence, and hard work on the behalf of every project they take on. They have shown determination and resilience in working with complex and challenging projects on behalf of the investors.

- John Smith
ABC Arizona Partner

Quite naturally, foreign companies want to play in this market. They want leading-edge real estate holdings, and the United States is still one of the developmental leaders. Through Abc Arizona™, you're acquiring control over some of the most dynamic pieces of the American economy. The State of Arizona has the historic presence of being the land of the maverick adventurers who seek to be on the edge of development discovery.

Experienced, good communication skills, and get done first time.

- John Smith
ABC Arizona Partner

ABC Arizona™ works closely with international investors who are actively seeking real estate investment opportunities in the United States. Because we are thoroughly familiar in the broad range of investment criteria in the State of Arizona, we can immediately make the appropriate pairing for an acquisition.

I have known, worked with and profited from Jeff Utsch and his investment ventures for over 12 years now. He is unique in the world today in that his sense of honor is above reproach, his ethical standards in business are beyond measure and his integrity is without blemish. He is a team leader and his focus is always on what is good for his team first. This man have my complete trust and respect; two elements that I do not extend without absolute certainty of character.

- John Smith
ABC Arizona Partner

Foreign acquisitions could become the United States' dollar's most lasting legacy. Some see the shift as inevitable in a global economy where geographic borders are no match for increasingly multinational investors. It's part of the overall global economic climate. Our particular Abc Arizona™ clients are looking at us to be their global research and development center for investments, particularly in the property sector.